NEW FILM! (And an ode to this vestigial tale of a site)

Once we lived on just Xanga alone. And then we lived on myspace. Then it became livejournal and myspace on which we lived upon. Then it became livejournal and facebook. Then, slowly, over time, it became more or less just facebook. But then! It was facebook and twitter and tumblr and vimeo! Oh my!

I've obviously let the dust and cobwebs collect here and I write now to say this place is more or less done for me. Xanga/livejournal got me through all of high school and college (and beyond!) well, but now I just have less of an urge to write here...For I have other places online!

However I still have several friends here with whom I feel close, albeit some of whom I have never even met. So, old friends (some who go way back to the primordial days of the Potter board even ((imagine that!))), feel free to follow my continued online escapades elsewhere at any (or all!) of the following links:





My own site:

And last but not least let me officially end this place with my latest short film, and my first ever shot on a 7D!
As always it is spooky and ominous but this's spooky and ominous in HD!

Watch if you like. And enjoy!

(And please do stay in touch with my over the other sites if you like. I'd love to still be in touch with you all!)


So I was at the World Premiere/preview screening of the Twin Peaks themed Psych episode tonight, and it was AWESOME. Without any spoilers, here's my thoughts/experience tonight!

It was AMAZING. The Psych episode was a real joy to watch. They perfectly captured the mood and ambience of Twin Peaks while gently spoofing it as well...I don't want to give anything away, but trust me when I say that any fan of Twin Peaks will absolutely LOVE this episode.

In attendance tonight was Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee, Catherine Coulson, Lenny Von Dohen, and Robin Lively. Unfortunately Dana Ashbrook wasn't there, as he was sick, but still, it was sort of unbelievable to see so many Twin Peaks actors all at once! Their chemistry and obvious feelings of happiness towards each other and the show's legacy was real sweet to see.
And I got to ask Ray Wise a question! I asked him about how hard it must have been to go back and act out the darkest parts of Leland Palmer in FWWM, as he had initially felt so nervous and appalled at being the killer in the series. He said that it was hard, and a real weird sort of trip to go back there and see how everyone ended up where they were in the series. I also asked him, and them all sort of, if they could really band together to pressure Lynch into releasing the deleted scenes finally! He said he was pretty sure David has them all still, but that, of course, it's all tangled up in the french film company owning it and such. He stated that the first cut was 5 hours (perhaps a mismemory? i heard 3 before and that seems a bit more realistic?) and he said he recalled shooting a lot of great scenes that weren't in the final film. He turned towards Sheryl for agreement here and she certainly agreed!

The most intense thing though is that when Ray Wise responds to a question he stares directly back at the asker. So for the entirety of his response, 'LELAND PALMER' stared directly into my eyes. This was as exciting as it was kind of scary!!! And 'LAURA PALMER' was sitting right next to him and staring and smiling at me as well.


So yeah, a very cool night and a very cool episode!

(Also it was said that the director's cut of this episode is another 6 and a half minutes longer than the already longer than usual psych episode and will be on the 5th season dvd set!)

Questionable Cody!

Well, here's a weird thing I just stumbled across again! It’s a drawing of my comic character ‘Lody Cody’ (A man with a dead fish for a head), as drawn by Jeph Jacques, the artist behind the webcomic ‘Questionable Content.’

In 2006 he came to Emerson to give a speech about comics and such, thru the comedy magazine I was a part of. Unfortunately at the time the magazine was in its final days, and so Jeph’s appearance wasn’t well documented and thus wasn’t super attended. Regardless he was very nice and said he’d draw sketches for people afterwards, and I asked him to draw a guy with a dead fish for a head, as I was working on my own comics with this character at the time, and thought it’d be funny to see someone else’s take on it. He seemed a bit taken aback by my request, but was gracious enough to draw it for me, and now here it is, all these years later! It still makes me chuckle, looking at it.

I came across it while looking for more old and weird art to post at my Young Monsters Tumbler, as seen here:

I have been posting less here, for A, there's less need to, and B, more energy has been going to the Young Monsters blog. It's fun to refind ancient monster art, put it online, and have tons of folks respond to it! I feel like I'm building another 'cult following,' sans the stalkers this time, hopefully.

Hahah. So yeah if I am less seen around here these days, it's cause I am there. Or, at my twitter account:

So if you've enjoyed my long writings all these years, maybe you'll dig my short thoughts too!

Oh, and briefly...This one goes out to the few long time readers of this who go way back to the Potter boards....You all there? I hope so. I have only two words for you guys, which I hope will still make sense to you...And they are....


Everything's coming up Milhouse!

Dare I say it? I do! It seems that everything may be looking up! Finally! I have a steady paying job and, whaddya know, whoda thunk it....I have a social life! For the first time in, oh, what's probably almost a year! A year of dread and loneliness and grumpiness all around.

After a lengthy, extended absence from any attempts of sociality on a relationship level, mainly because I was consumed and overwhelmed by fear over the lack of a job, well, I finally have both a job AND what appears to be the start of something possibly very good and pleasant. And real. This is practically unheard of for me!

For all of my past relationships, if I call them that, which I really shouldn't, were, at their cores, unpleasant and filled with worries and unspoken fears on my part, most of which were quite on target and correct. But this time seems to be progressing at a normal rate, not at an all or nothing rate founded on confusion, half-truths, untruths, obsessions, lies, and more or less general craziness, as all my other 'relationships' were. Now, of course, some of the blame for those halting and stupid missteps lies with me, but I seem to have...unbelievably...learned from those mistakes.

There's that old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results....Well, I guess, without realizing it, I took that to heart, for what I am doing now is certainly different, and was quite unexpected to myself, but it's delightful and exciting.

I have never, ever, felt this content within something. In earlier, dumber years and connections I always felt the need to classify the connection, to put it into some sort of context, in a way, to control it, officialize it. This of course always backfired and revealed me to be the desperate worried guy that I was. However now I don't feel that way any more and I feel fine with letting whatever this is now progress at whatever rate it wants to go to whatever it does or doesn't become. What a freeing feeling!

This is of course, a little scary in and of itself, for I'm not used to it...But it's a good scary. A pleasant scary. But yeah, it's weird to be with someone who seems to actually like me, not as a concept, or an idea or a stand-in or a one night stupidity, but as a person. Could it be? Could I actually be a real person, and a not a cartoon, or a character, or just words for someone else to make into what they want?

Why yes, yes I am. I am not a concept, I am a human being! Hooha!

Oh and also I am in the running for what could be a long term job actually within my area of enjoyment. I can't and won't say much right now, as it's nowhere near official yet, but I will say this: Maybe all those years of puppetry and animation WEREN'T IN VAIN AFTER ALL.

Now....Excuse me as I try to go to sleep but can't from excitement.