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April 8th marked the 20th anniversary of Twin Peaks, so here in LA the UCB Comedy theatre did a special TP themed show! It was the Twin Peaks Talent Show, in which townspeople tried to raise money to help combat the town's rising evil owl population, and recoup funds that went into creating the yearly re-enactment of the sawmill burning down. Also so the waterfall doesn't need to get shut down!

The theatre was made into 'the masonic hall room of the Great Northern,' complete with wood panelling, owl hangings, and BOB posters! And a guy played the theme music live on a synthesizer throughout the show...He was the son of the Giant, heh!

(apologies that the photos are low quality...cell phone camera, aw)

The host talks to Doctor Jacoby as Gordon Cole, the Log Lady, and Leo Johnson (comatose in wheelchair) look on.

Gordon Cole is as confused and hard of hearing as he was 20 years ago!

The log lady discusses the log as Leo slouches on...

A very special member of the Horne family saying 'AMEN!'

Nadine, energetic about her use of vaseline to make even more things than just drape runners silent!

Nadine is crazy around Jacoby.

The man from another place danced on in, and did...stand up comedy!

His backwards speech patterns were amazingly good!

Bobby Briggs crashes the events!

In comes Sarah Palmer, nervous and terrified, to sing 'Laura's favorite song!'

Sarah freaks out as KILLER BOB pops out, confused about the talent show's running order!

And then Killer Bob himself takes the stage, appropriately peering out from behind a chair!

Scaring the host!

And then...Killer Bob Junior! The two sing a lovely duet of 'The Cat and the Cradle,' with lyrics altered to fit their evil existences!

The judges look on.

And then...A guest just passing through town...SAILOR RIPLEY! Now older, and chubbier!

He attempts his crazy heavy metal dance, but falls to the ground, exhausted!

Killer Bob junior possesses the host.

And in walks Audrey Horne...Oh boy was this exciting...Eheheheh, um, wooo!

Audrey posing. My god, it was killer to see this, for real. Wowzersssss.

Explaining that....

...She's good with fruit...

Holding the cherry up...

Swaying with cherry in mouth...

Revealing the cherry stem, knotted!

Upping the ante...a banana!!!

Good lord.

After smearing chocolate over her face, copying something she saw 'on the internet,' Gordon cole chimes in!

Cooper (James Urbaniak!) chats with the log lady!

Discussing how the FBI kicked him out after he released secret information to 'Diane,' who was a girl he was just obsessed with and wasn't working for the government after all!

Cooper trying to catch cards thrown at him in the 'Tibetan Style.'

And surprise, surprise, Mr Tojamura shows up with a check for one million dollars, to save the town!

The whole cast.

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